Evero exists to restore balance.

By using our deep knowledge of the sector, combined with our belief that we can change the way we seek new fuel sources, we’re on a mission to make sure energy isn’t wasted.

Evero’s foundations are in converting waste into energy. Our waste-to-electricity, UK-based plants (see our locations here) have a total capacity of 145MW. We divert around 1 million tonnes of waste from landfill every year and use it to generate energy.

Half of our plants use gasification, a notoriously complex technology.

We want to use our expertise in gasification technology to go further, so we are exploring options for using this knowledge to displace high carbon fossil fuels, as well as fossil chemicals and plastics feedstocks, with greener alternatives, such as green hydrogen, green methanol, or Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

There is a future where we can make our world work better.
We just need to have the imagination to unlock it,
And the knowledge to do so.