We recognise that we see better results when we bring our individual strengths together.

Simon Hicks, CEO:

We have already come a long way from the fund founded in 2015, and we have learnt a great deal in our journey thus far. We are good at what we do, but we must get better, and it is now time to think further into the future.

There’s already too much COin the atmosphere, too much plastic in the oceans and still too much waste goes to landfill, climate change is not a debate anymore, it’s now. We are now reinforcing our strategic objectives of investing in recovering commodities, capturing carbon emissions and producing future fuels from waste and waste wood. We are reflecting what we’re trying to do and how we are trying to achieve it: reimagining the future, restoring balance, and getting results to rebalance the world.

Carla Riddel, Assets Manager: 

Our assets are at the heart of our business. By sustainably transforming the energy from unwanted waste into valuable power for our homes, we are driven by the role that our assets play in improving our society.

Pulling on our portfolio of knowledge in gasification and energy from waste we are becoming renowned for our success in transforming innovative technology into reliable operations. We’re doing this by creatively applying technical expertise for optimisation techniques and leveraging our operational capabilities.

We are on a journey to maximise how we holistically manage our assets. This requires the ability to reimagine opportunities beyond the boundaries of today’s operations to see lifecycle opportunities, manage risk and make optimal decisions. 

Angus Warner, Managing Director of Evero Services:

In addition to managing the plants safely, our team is always seeking to improve, in particular improve the complex technology that we are working with. There is a true harmony found by being fully aligned with Evero’s agenda of maximising the potential of waste whilst we carry out our O&M work across our sites. We are at a place where we’re a successful O&M business whilst being aligned with Evero’s company strategy – we can do both, and this is thanks to our deep knowledge of this technology.

Andrew Jackson, Talent Acquisition Partner:

At Evero we firmly believe that our people are our biggest asset, and we care about strengthening our workplace with people who believe in our values just as much as we do. Our ongoing staff training and specialised working groups (including our recent Diversity and Inclusion Group called ‘Wasted Potential’), ensures that as our company continues to grow and develop, our team can grow and develop with us.